Wiring a Web for Global Good

In 2009 and article appeared in The Guardian which named Gordon Brown as being one of the most boring public speakers around.  Yet in the same year, when asked to speak on a topic dear to his heart, one in which he clearly believes and to an audience who are away from the &lsqulsquo;calm of Westminster and Whitehall’ as he describes it, he speaks with a passion and power rarely seen in public and five years on from this talk, his message is just as urgent.

As Prime Minister, Gordon Brown played a key role in shaping the G20 nations’ response to the world’s financial crisis, and was a powerful advocate for a coordinated global response to problems such as climate change, poverty and social justice.

During his long term of public office as Chancellor of the Exchequer and Prime Minister Gordon Brown became one of the world’s most experienced political leaders, with a deep understanding of the global economy.  He has been a key architect of the G8’s agreements on poverty and climate change, and has provided a passionate voice to encourage the developed world to aid struggling African countries. He is an advocate of global solutions for global problems.

“It is said that in Ancient Rome that when Cicero spoke to his audiences, people used to turn to each other and say about Cicero, ‘great speech.’ But it is said that in Ancient Greece when Demosthenes spoke to his audiences, people turned to each other and didn’t say ‘great speech;’ they said, ‘let’s march.’ We should be marching towards a global society.”