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Zelenksy masterclass in the rule of three

There are few politicians who have been such a so impactful as Volodymyr Zelensky in recent times. A year ago, few outside of Ukraine knew the name. Twelve months later, many voters around the world wish they had leaders as inspiring as Time’s person of the year for 2022. As the Ukraine war nears a year […]

Why You need a Christmas Break

It’s almost time to take a deep breath, climb off the work horse and take a well deserved break for a few days to enjoy the Christmas break. All that stands in our way is tying up all those loose ends and surviving a month of Christmas parties. The strange thing is, that as I […]

Why Politicians’ Rhetoric Turns Off Audiences

Should we feel sorry for politicians? Things used to be so much easier back before technology created an instant and indelible recording of everything said and made available for all. Caught between the crosshairs of traditional media and social media there really is nowhere to hide from the words which come out of their mouths […]

Applying Storytelling Techniques for Leaders and Mentors

I have dealt previously with common storytelling themes and the criteria used for building great stories in scenarios ranging from legal and business industries to presentation and leadership. This article looks at another layer in the form of storytelling applications. Probably the most commonly perceived application of storytelling is the use of an engaging narrative […]

What is the Essential Criteria for Great Storytelling?

I was recently at an event where I was giving a talk about the power of storytelling, and specifically how to lead through storytelling. When the event had finished there was an opportunity for small talk over coffee and I found myself in conversation with someone who was so far up the corporate ladder that […]

5 Compelling Storytelling Themes to Make an Impression

As the summer holiday season arrives, I am reminded that once upon a time the average vacation suitcase would be weighted down with a number of books destined for holiday reading while relaxing on the beach or by the pool. However, such habits have been changing as technology has increasingly become our go to source […]

Making the Most of Power Words in Your Vocabulary

Are you looking for a proven way to influence your audience and get ahead of the game? Let me take you behind the scenes and give you an insider’s view into some extraordinary secrets. It will be an uncensored, riveting, even mind-blowing journey into the world of power words… If my first paragraph grabbed you […]

Avoid the Cliché of Bad Metaphors and Clichés

You know what they say about business… the key to getting your stones in the house is to have a skip who knows the rub of the sheet! If that makes any sense to you then you are a reader who certainly knows their sweep from their LSD.  For those who are still bemused, the […]

How to Be Present When You Have Nothing to Say

I have often written about the need to find your natural voice in meetings, pitches and presentations. However, there are some occasions which are not about taking a leading speaking role and so this article considers the importance of being present even if you don’t have the lion’s share of the script. In business, aptitude […]

Speaking into the Void – How to Interact With a Faceless Audience

I am fairly confident in claiming that all of my readers will have engaged in some form of online performance whether that be via conference calls, Zoom/Teams/Meet pitches or comprehensive presentations to clients and wider audiences. This month I’ll look at that ever-present fear of engaging an audience we can’t see – or to put […]