Personal Impact

Personal Impact

While dealing with the same principles, our Personal Impact course has a more specialised element to it. More practical based, this course is particularly effective for high-flying individuals who are looking to boost their people skills.

Some people are naturally sociable while others find it more of a challenge to impose themselves in a professional or social situation. This can often lead to a misperception of aloofness or lack of enthusiasm. Our Personal Impact course helps to redress the balance by revealing simple techniques to influence social scenarios.

This course, available as a half or full day course for large and small groups, is also popular with companies that have a significant intake of graduates, helping new arrivals to adapt to the demands of doing real world business.

Both the Personal Impact and Impact, Influence and Persuasion courses focus on the following areas:

  • Impact and Gravitas
  • Body Language – developing a natural and confident personal style
  • Demonstrating confidence – appearing and sounding confident
  • Owning a room and being memorable
  • Persuasive Language
  • Influence – The science of persuading others

“This is the most useful, entertaining and memorable presentation I have attended.”

Anil Raja, Asst General Counsel, NEXT plc

“The best speaker I have listened to”

Alison Neil, L&D Manager, BBC

“Very engaging and maintained audience’s attention throughout. Very impressive.”

Tanya de Souza, Head of litigation, Adecco