Graduate Training

Graduate Training

Smoothing the transition from university to the workplace and managing new talents is a principal objective for corporate organisations with sizeable graduate intakes. Getting recruits quickly up to speed, not only on tasks but being ambassadors for the company, pays long term dividends.

The de Burgh Group regularly works with HR departments in several industries, including banking, finance, business and law. The de Burgh Group works with the client at each stage of the process, from graduate selection through to induction and placement.

As a result we will develop content for the client, in the form of off-site facilitation and group training schemes, that is sector appropriate and engaging. It is our attention to detail that sets us apart from many external training service providers.

We work closely with HR departments to ensure our courses reflect the company’s core goals and a uniformity of approach in line with core communications values of the business to deliver pre-determined learning outcomes.

Graduate training courses provide entry level elements which draw from many of our popular courses. The emphasis is very much on interacting as part of a team while exploring skills in the areas of presentation, personal impact and working effectively the tools of communication.

These courses are very popular and more relevant today than at any other time. The Millennial generation has come of age in a world where social media has a profound impact on the way they communicate. Showing them what is expected in an international business environment is of vital importance.

Easing graduate recruits in to the professional environment, and identifying their role within the company, is crucial to long term satisfaction on behalf of both employer and employee. Our graduate training courses provide a valuable kick start on the journey towards a fulfilling career path.

“The most inspiring part of the day for me was the last half with Luan de Burgh. He gave us some invaluable skills on how to make an impact and really make ourselves stand out.”
Alessandra Valle – Northumbria University

“I cannot thank you enough for the positive message and outlook it gave on our future careers and life generally”

“It certainly boosted my confidence and assured me that personal impact is something I could work on and improve.”

BPP law school

“Engaging, informative, incredible, humorous and inspirational”

DLA Piper Graduate Academy

“I am writing to thank you for the training session that you gave at BTMU – I felt very inspired by your eloquence and confidence.  It was really interesting to engage in such self-reflection and contrast it with how other people perceive you, and I think this self-awareness you’ve instilled in us with go a long way.”
Aarushi Bajaj, BTMU