SQE Gap Courses

SQE – filling the gaps

de Burgh is proud to have been an SRA Accredited Provider since 2011.  Our courses have been integral to trainee onboarding in many law firms – large and small, international and UK-based and we have worked alongside L&D teams to complement and improve their PSC programmes over the years.

With the introduction of the SQE Qualification the scope for extending the trainee skillset has opened up and our established set of courses are ideal to help shape confident and professional solicitors. Whether it be presentation, communication, impact, resilience or negotiation, we’ll continue to focus on business skills which build seamlessly into your learning objectives around the SQE Qualification.

Based on our PSC experience and the gaps we’ve identified, our flexible SQE range will offer you:

  • A range of 90-minute skill sessions which focus on basic skills
    and combine talk, video and interactive activities.
  • Half-day workshops – in-depth, small-group sessions giving
    participants practical tools to improve their skills through
    facilitator-led discussion and group exercises.

Find out more about our SQE Gap Courses here.