We are a specialist consultancy dedicated to personal development and excellence in communication.

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Founded in 2011 with a primary focus on enhancing the communication skills of some of the world’s leading businesses.

What we do

de Burgh provides a range of professional in-house training courses for law firms and international businesses.

From large-group seminars to more intensive small-group training, we offer practical sessions which meet your learning objectives and business needs. Our specialist 1:1 coaching complements our range of topics and is in demand with those who are at the top of their game, from company directors and CEOs to politicians.

Presenting Excellence

Presentation Skills

Few are naturally at ease in front of an audience yet so many find themselves in front of one. Being able to hold a room no matter what your topic and to engage your audience with confidence and energy is a key outcome of our presentation skills training.

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Public Speaking

Successful Public Speaking is the art of combining persuasive language with engaging delivery to persuade, inspire and inform.  We will help you develop your individual style, overcome any fears and learn the techniques of great speakers.

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Personal Impact

In any business, we need to connect quickly and actively with colleagues and clients alike to establish meaningful relationships and we need to do so with presence and impact. Learn how to demonstrate confidence in any situation and how to have a positive and memorable effect on others.

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We are hard-wired to tell stories and stories connect us.  Understanding why stories are memorable and how to craft and tell relevant stories is an essential component of professional success.

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On-screen presence

Speaking on Camera

This dedicated course is for anyone who has to deliver pieces to camera for in-house video, webinars or YouTube. You will learn how to bring your material to life and appear confident and relaxed in front of the camera.

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Finding your Natural Voice

The human voice is one of the most dynamic parts of our body.  The more we understand how it works and how to harness its potential, the more we will be heard

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Business Skills

Influence and Persuasion

Explore the subtle techniques of split-second and long-term persuasion and influence so that you are better equipped to move people, change minds and influence others.

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In this masterclass you will learn how to use the principles of successful negotiation based on the Harvard approach as well as exploring trust, ‘negotiating backwards’ and dealing with impasse.

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Networking and Business Development

Business Development is all about establishing, nurturing and maintaining relationships. This masterclass will give you the tools and confidence to build your network by examining the essential strategies required to get the best from any event.

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Successful Pitching

Planning and preparation are two key elements to the success of any pitch – the third is practise. We will facilitate your pitch training under ‘live conditions’ and provide practical and independent feedback to ensure that your team is working together and ready to perform at maximum potential.

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Personal development

1:1 Coaching

Whether you are a business leader or in a newly promoted role we will listen to your requirements and work with you to achieve your goals with a programme of coaching tailored to your needs.

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Resilience and Time Management

Increased availability, mounting time pressures and growing work load are all part of professional life. This course will help you to manage your time eficiently, reduce unnecessary stress and be more productive.

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Graduate Training

Providing graduate trainees with the core skills they need to develop into future leaders from day one will reap dividends in the medium and long term. We support trainee induction schemes with programmes including introductory Impact, Networking and Presenting training as well as developing a Personal Brand.

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Management and Leadership

What are the qualities of a great leader? How does leadership differ from management? What is your role as a manager? These seminars address the different styles of leadership and management, the importance of adapting those styles and what distinguishes effective leaders and managers.

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de Burgh not only delivered exactly what we wanted but also succeeded in hitting exactly the right note, raising some laughs and giving the teams practical skills to take away and put into immediate use.

Exceeded expectations! Very enjoyable and useful – it was excellently delivered.

Excellent structure.  Very insightful.  Really enjoyed my day, thank you!

Very useful tips and information.  Excellent course.

Great structure, delivery and content.  Would recommend.

Very useful and important session.  Excellent delivery

Very professional delivery – interesting and engaging.  Many thanks.

Very useful insights and excellent delivery

Excellent delivery.  Exceeded expectations.  Learnt a lot in a supportive environment.  Nice folder too!

Excellent presenter – very clear, encouraging and personable

Excellent practical session – reiterated important messages and techniques that are often forgotten

Exceeded Expectations (Personal Impact) – much better than previous courses with different providers

Excellent presenter (Personal Impact) – he showed us, not just told us, what he was delivering

A very well presented course and an excellent trainer.  More fun than I expected it to be.

Excellent, very practical and relevant.  Would love to do it again.


Exceeded expectations!  I didn’t think I would enjoy training on this (Presentation Skills) – I did.  It was excellently delivered.

The workshops have been absolutely stellar and completely brilliant!  They are the best skills workshops on the GDL course and at University

Excellent.  Very useful (Presenting in English as a Non-Native Speaker)

Excellent!  Thank you for the course. (Presenting in English as a Non-Native Speaker)

I’ve done a few courses related to Presentation Skills, however this one was my favourite (Presenting in English as a Non-Native Speaker)

Very enjoyable and useful course (Personal Impact) – the presenter was engaging and enthusiastic

Brilliant. Interactive. Funny. Knowledgeable. I thought it was really great and everyone was made to feel at ease instantly.

I can honestly say I was completely engaged with the course and all of its content. I have taken so many positives away that I feel so much more confident in my approach to delivering a good presentation. I don’t often write reviews, however I feel that the course was well worthy of one. Fully enjoyed.

I found the session to be very helpful, insightful and engaging and it is not often that I am able to say that about training of any sort.

I very much appreciated the direct feedback.  I also felt the development session was very productive.

I was able to express my ideas calmly and effectively during the presentation as a result of the coaching.

Highly stimulating and relevant session that focussed on a core area for all legal professionals

I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar. Excellent speakers with lots of good examples to take away.  I learnt a lot about public speaking

The ability to communicate, whether orally or in writing, is probably the most important skill for a lawyer – the most valuable advice (from the seminar) was that anyone can be a good speaker provided they practice enough.  Very useful.

Perfect content and training.  Luan has all the skills we want to mimic in improving personal impact.

I have been on several courses of this type over a period of time; this (Effective Presentation Skills) has been by far the best by concentrating on the personal aspect of putting a presentation together.

Excellent course.  Very valuable lessons given to improve presentation skills.  Fulfilled expectations.

Really refreshing to look at presentations from a different angle rather than just structure.  Excellent

The course was taught very clearly and tailored to our needs.

Excellent.  Engaging.  Would recommend and use again.  Good humour and able to match mood of group

I have to say that was one of the two best external training courses I have ever been on – the other one being in New Zealand back in 1996.  Fun! Entertaining! Stimulating!

Engaging, incredible, informative and engaging.

Thank you for a great training session.  I found it both valuable and enjoyable, and would definitely recommend to any individual or business.

Truly excellent & professional.  Definitely use for more training

Very good stuff – the course was brilliant (Personal Impact)

Very interesting and useful course.

Extremely useful and practical; very competent and energetic trainer.

The course (Effective Presentation Skills) was excellent and thoroughly enjoyable.

Really useful session – great to work on 1-1 basis.

Very good.  Much better than the competitors I’ve seen.

Excellent and very practical

Excellent delivery and very useful

Excellent opportunity to think about and look at yourself

Very valuable session with direct relevance to current work.  Direct and practical value.  Excellent training.  I really enjoyed it.

Really useful – I have learnt a great deal about myself and understand the need to rehearse

The speaker was absolutely fantastic.

I very much enjoyed the afternoon. Very well organised…very practical tips of both what to do and perhaps more importatnly what not to do

Well delivered and enormously beneficial session

Speaking in the bearpit of the House of Commons chamber is unlike any other form of public speaking but working with Luan de Burgh has really helped me to meet those challenges with much improved confidence.

A very knowledgeable and perfect trainer – everything was explained clearly and I have been given so much more confidence.

Having had this 1-1 coaching myself, I arranged for my team to have a training course and the results have been spectacular – they are motivated and very aware of their impact on others and as a result their own teams are functioning far better.  Extremely useful and very practical as opposed to some courses which just give you loads of dull handouts.  Highly recommended

The trainer had the technical skills and personality to really connect with individuals, creating an environment where people understood and learnt the mechanics of vocal delivery and exercises to develop presentational skills.