Presentation skills

Presentation Skills

Few are naturally at ease in front of an audience yet so many find themselves in front of one. Being able to hold a room no matter what your topic and to engage your audience with confidence and energy is a key outcome of our presentation skills training.

The course explores techniques and skills which enable participants to deliver engaging presentations to any audience and focuses on three essential components namely preparation, content and delivery.

The Masterclasses can be delivered in-person and online and are practical and interactive including, if desired, the delivery of short, filmed presentations for feedback purposes.

  • Preparation
    • Purpose
    • Audience
    • Rehearsal
  • Content
    • Structure
    • Language
    • Visual Media
  • Delivery
    • Physical energy
    • Vocal energy
    • Virtual and hybrid

“One of the most useful courses I’ve ever done. I highly recommend anyone who wishes to improve his/her presentation skills to do this course. It was brilliant.”

Piotr Matys – Rabobank International (Director)

“Excellent, very practical and relevant.  Would love to do it again.”

Caroline Coulter – CMS Cameron McKenna (Senior Associate)

“I can’t rave enough about this training. It was the best professional development I have ever had.  I have participated in similar activities in the past but none that have been so well presented or as well targeted.”

Elizabeth McKinnon, GC, Australian Conservation Federation