Finding your Natural Voice


Speaking so that others listen.

The human voice is one of the most dynamic parts of our body.  We are the only species who has developed sophisticated speech and that can be powerful, inspirational, reassuring, funny, seductive, engaging and informative.  The more we understand how it works and how to harness its potential, the more we will be heard.

There are those who think that to be able to stand up in front of others and speak ‘trippingly off the tongue’ with a mellifluous and modulated tone is only for the gifted few but that is not the case. If we have the capacity to create sound, we have the capacity to speak so that others listen.  Each one of us can develop the vocal strength and dexterity to engage, to influence and to be heard.

This masterclass examines how the voice works physically and practically through delivery and demonstration as well as establishing the importance of relaxation, the role of the breath, the techniques of developing resonance and the skills of speaking with clarity.

It was great fun and your assistance / contribution was very well appreciated by all the participants, not to mention the jealousy at the way you handle yourself both in front of the audience as well as in front of the camera.”

Neza van der Leeuw, Global Head ITI Services, Rabobank International

“Excellent and very useful”

Philip Westmacott, Senior Partner, Bristows LLP