Resilience & Time Management

Resilience and Time Management Skills

We live in a world where communication is omnipresent. Phone calls, Skype conferencing, instant messaging, texts, personal emails, reams of copied-in work emails and social media is constantly drawing our attention.

This de Burgh group course is a great fit for those in all management positions, and our clients come from all business sectors. The training course invites those attending to consider how they can make changes to streamline their office routines, increase efficiency and reduce stress.

With PCs and laptops, tablets and smart phones, it’s now impossible to get away from work. The myriad of E-communication options also has ramifications for day to day, face to face and phone to phone dealings with people and affects the efficiency with how we do business.

Increased availability, mounting time pressures and a growing workload are all part of professional life. However, our Time Management and Resilience course, conducted in small groups of 10-12, will help you to manage your time efficiently, reduce unnecessary stress and increase productivity.

The course considers the following aspects and provides practical advice on how to adapt to the pressures of workplace stress and time management demands.

Stress and Resilience

  • The causes of stress
  • Positives and negatives of stress
  • Managing stress
  • Coping and avoiding burn out
  • Awareness – pinpointing sources of personal stress
  • Reducing workplace stress
  • Rational and positive thinking
  • Saying no

Time Management

  • Where does the time fly?
  • How to set realistic goals
  • How to make time for your real priorities
  • How to manage your email
  • Planning and scheduling
  • How to deal with people who interrupt your day
  • Ways to use the “No” word to your advantage
  • The best ways to delegate
  • Understanding energy cycles
  • Effective ways to use technology

“ I enjoyed the session and found the trainer to be friendly, knowledgeable and engaging.  Very impressed.” 

Warren Stapley (Associate, Kirkland & Ellis)