Podcasting – Making Compelling Podcasts

Making Compelling Podcasts

If you are one of 16 million listeners in the UK who regularly listens to a podcast you may wonder what makes the good ones so compelling. What is their secret?  A good podcast succeeds because it has read the crowd. It understands who will be listening, why they will be listening and crucially, where they will be listening.

The beauty of the podcast is that, if you have something to say, you have all the tools to present your topic to a worldwide audience.   With new ways of expressing ourselves the concept of a ‘presentation’ has taken on a new contemporary form. In much the way that Zoom et al have transformed the culture of corporate meetings over the past two years, engaging through audio and video media provides additional layers for communicating to your audience.

While some people thrive on video, many more would prefer to shun the camera and retain some sense of anonymity, and the podcast presents the perfect opportunity to do this. Nevertheless, as with every easy access medium, it’s not just enough to plug in the mic and let rip. The best podcasts are well scripted and take the listener on a short but informative journey.

This Masterclass covers all the techniques and skills of podcasting from style and delivery to microphones and the home studio.

  • Purpose of podcast
  • Timing issues
  • Style (interview, scripted informative, unscripted co-hosted)
  • Keeping a conversation engaging and energetic as host or presenter – listening
  • Vocal delivery
  • Technical aspects – equipment and best practice recording tips

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