Course Options – Continuing Legal Professional Development (CLPD)

The following courses have been accredited by the Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department.  Course durations are flexible to your needs – please get in touch for further information here:

Presenting Excellence

Mastering the skills of effective presentation is a key aspect of professional development.  Whatever your level, you may be required to present, and we will work with you to develop the essential skills and techniques involved in designing and delivering dynamic presentations through effective preparation, relevant content and engaging delivery.

Course Code BB32-03 BB32-05
Course Duration 3 Hours 2 Hours
Number of points allocated 3 Points 2 Points

 Business Development and Networking

Developing confidence in Networking and Business Development skills is key to building relationships and identifying new business opportunities. We look at techniques to ensure that networking is strategic and effective as well as how to follow up and keep relationships alive over the long term.

Course Code AA32-02
Course Duration 3 Hours
Number of points allocated 3 Points

 Impact and Presence

In any business, people need to connect quickly and effectively with colleagues and clients alike to establish meaningful relationships and they need to do so with impact and presence.  We look at how to demonstrate confidence and be present in different situations, how to create a positive and memorable first impression and how to influence and persuade different personality types.

Course Code BB32-01
Course Duration 3 Hours
Number of points allocated 3 Points


Enhance your performance – in terms of both skills and confidence – in a wide range of difficult negotiation situations where you need to influence discussions and communicate persuasively. You will learn a framework for creating sustainable, win-win solutions and with the confidence you have the skills to deal with, persuade and influence the toughest of negotiators.

Course Code BB32-04
Course Duration 3 Hours
Number of points allocated 3 Points