The de Burgh group offers a selection of training courses that specialise in presentation, impact and communication and teach essential skills for professional development.

Our in-house specialised training courses provide essential communication skills to enhance performance in professional development scenarios such as networking, negotiation, public speaking, on-screen presence and presentation.

The de Burgh group is made up of a team of trainers who are highly qualified and experienced in the field of professional development . We coach clients to recognise their strengths, challenge negative self-perceptions and build on existing ability.

Course material engages through a combination of practical advice, proven techniques and interactive exercises that draw on real life scenarios. Our sessions encourage participants to achieve the most they can personally and professionally.

The de Burgh Group runs courses for some of the biggest names in world of business, finance, law, retail, manufacturing and sport. We also provide 1:1 coaching to industry leaders, politicians and those who appear in the media spotlight.

The de Burgh Group is regulated and accredited by the Solicitors Regulation Authority as an External Training Provider and recommended by the LETG

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