The relationship between creative thinking and play

Tim Brown is the CEO of innovation and design firm IDEO, taking an approach to design that digs deeper than the surface.  IDEO is the kind of firm that companies turn to when they want a top-down rethink of a business or product — from fast food conglomerates to high-tech startups, hospitals to universities.

In this talk he explores the relationship between creative thinking and play and the importance of being allowed to be creative without having to censor.  As adults, we fear the judgement of our peers so are often afraid or reluctant to reveal ideas with colleagues for fear of ridicule.  We have a great idea but do not share it with anyone because we are embarrassed.

To avoid self-editing we need to embrace the world of play.  We need to trust play and we need to stop categorising ourselves as ‘serious’ so that we don’t play.  We can be serious and playful.  Things are not absolute – we not either ‘serious’ or ‘playful’ – it is perfectly possible for us to be both at different times.

The more we explore the more we create.