1-1 Coaching

1-1 Coaching

In addition to our in-house professional development training for groups, the de Burgh group also provides exclusive 1:1 coaching sessions that bury into the detail of most of the topics which are covered in our general courses.

As many of our enquiries are very specific, we run our 1:1 programme with a degree of pragmatism and flexibility. This translates into adapting material to address what clients specifically need. Before the session, we talk through client requirements and work to a brief in order to achieve goals.

Our 1:1 sessions take place with specialised professional development training team. Many of our clients come to us for this service from politics, law, business and sports management. Common needs, regardless of the sector include getting the message across in a way that’s convincing, engaging and effective.

dBg 1:1 sessions are popular with clients from professional backgrounds who are looking to develop new skills in particular areas, such as speaking on camera or effectively communicating in English as an additional language.

These sessions are also extremely rewarding for individuals who are preparing for a specific occasion, whether that be a media interview, presentation or a public speaking event. Regardless of experience and professional achievement there are always new skills that can be added to the repertoire.

de Burgh Group trainers work with clients to advise on voice and body language techniques that calm anxiety, bring gravitas and create impact. With experience spanning across numerous industries, our trainers bring real world knowledge and advice to the session.

The advantage of the 1:1 session is that our trainers can really hone in on the detail, assessing client strengths and weaknesses and building a strategy that is tailored and personalised. Sessions have an emphasis on the practical with discussion and technique training consolidated through practice exercises.

We also run specialist coaching for women preparing for maternity leave which focuses on common areas of concern, such as what to do in the run up to leaving, keeping in touch during pregnancy and transitioning back into the office environment.

“As a mentor and coach I have found him helpful, constructive, candid and extremely understanding of the complex roles we have to play in a commercial organisation such as ours. I have no hesitation in recommending him.”

Simon Levine, Joint Managing Partner, DLA Piper LLP