Public speaking

Public Speaking

The best public speakers know how to strike a chord with their audience and use their speech to inspire, inform and persuade. Successful public speaking combines the use of persuasive language with engaging delivery to inform, inspire and influence others.

This sounds simple enough in theory, but in practice we have all sat through events where the public speaker has bored us to tears, we haven’t digested the content and our attention is elsewhere.

On the flipside, we have also listened to pubic speakers who have impressed with clarity of message, thought provoking content and seem to have an innate connection with their audience. The difference is frequently in the style as well as in the actual content.

Even the most capable public speakers agonise over whether they have prepared enough, getting the wording right or are prone to an attack of the nerves before they take the stage. However, there are lessons that can be learnt that make the process far more manageable.

An engaging speech can significantly raise your profile. We will help you to develop your individual style, overcome fears and learn techniques of great speakers.

The de Burgh Group Public Speaking course is an interactive seminar, for large groups, that is popular with clients across all sectors. On a 1:1 level, our clients include CEOs, well-known figures in sport and entertainment and Members of Parliament.

The course explores the following aspects of successful public speaking:

Preparing a speech

  • Looking at what the components of an effective speech are
  • How to write a great speech
  • Keeping it simple and to the point
  • Rhetoric
  • Making it personal
  • Storytelling techniques
  • Rehearsal

Delivery of the speech

  • Dealing with nerves
  • Getting off to a great start
  • Reading the audience
  • Using your voice to inspire and maintain attention
  • The ‘journey’ of the effective speech
  • Finishing with a flourish
  • Traps to avoid

“Speaking in the bearpit of the House of Commons chamber is unlike any other form of public speaking but this has really helped me to meet those challenges with much improved confidence.”

Member of Parliament