In a world where we are bombarded by information, far too many of the messages we receive are uninspiring and the same, and for that reason they don’t work. The marketplace is full of businesses offering similar services and products, so the importance of standing out is ever-present and part of that is the story you tell.

This Storytelling seminar encourages participants to take a step back and look at how they can present their message, company or brand in a way that will engage an audience and project an impression with impact. Bullet points and Powerpoint presentations do not achieve this. A great story, on the other hand, does.

We have been telling stories for thousands of years. It’s what defines our characters and connects with the people around us. Some businesses dismiss storytelling as trivialising the subject matter, but do so to their detriment. Scientific studies show that stories stimulate our brains in a way that just facts do not.

Some people are natural storytellers. Of course, many people struggle to tell a good story, due to lack of confidence or lack of understanding about what works and what doesn’t – we all know people who divulge every detail, losing our attention and boring us in the process – but that does not mean that these techniques cannot be learned.

In this seminar, attendees learn simple techniques to become effective storytellers. The seminar is extremely popular with clients across a range of sectors – from finance and law to business – who are looking to stand out by bringing an extra dimension to their presentations.

The course covers key aspects of storytelling, and tips to hone your technique. The seminar explores:

How to tell a story with impact

  • Using identifiable character archetypes
  • Fuelling audience desire
  • Starting a dialogue that can be continued
  • Making your narrative memorable

How to plot your story

  • Every story uses one of seven basic plots
  • Learn how to choose the right plotline for your business situation

How to structure a story

  • Every story has a beginning, a middle and an end
  • If the balance is right you have a great story that achieves its goal
  • Learn structure techniques that can be applied to business presentations

Know your audience

  • A great story is wasted if it’s the wrong one for your audience
  • Understand your audience to identify the style of delivery that will engage them

“The entire session was a master class in presenting / training and was inspirational in itself, seriously”

Tony Payne, Partner, DLA PIPER

Thank you very much for such an informative, entertaining and, quite frankly, career enhancing session.

Emma Pearce, Senior Legal Counsel, Vodafone

“I’ve been taking some training courses and this may be one of the most valuable ones that I took.”

“Not only the content but the overall presentation was excellent. It was well worth coming here and spending half a day out of the office.”

“The best session I have attended – fantastic speaker on all fronts.”

“Very engaging! Amazing speaker – unlike any other talk I’ve been to.”

DLA Piper WIN Event ‘Storytelling in Business’ for General Counsel and Senior Legal Counsel