Networking and Business Development

Networking and Business Development

Successful networking is an essential aspect of business development, whether that means new contracts or keeping existing clients and affiliates on board. To be able to engage effectively face to face, communicate your message and read others’ responses is a core business skill.

While some professionals thrive in a social and professional environment, others find it a real challenge. Common complaints are the unnaturalness of the forced situation, finding small talk difficult and problems with communicating a message in a way that does not seem forced or pushy.

Networking skills are especially important for the generation that has come of age in an era when the most common use of the word network comes with ‘social’ as a prefix. Our Networking and Business Development course gives practical advice and examples of proven routes to good networking.

This seminar based course, available for large groups, is popular with de Burgh Group clients from various industries, but principally from companies operating in business and law sectors. In particular, this course is popular with firms that have a sizeable graduate programme.

Business Development is all about establishing, nurturing and maintaining relationships. This master class will give you the tools and confidence to build your network by examining the essential strategies required to get the best from any networking event.

Topics covered on this course include:

Preparing for Effective Networking

  • Looking at and overcoming common fears of networking
  • Developing and raising your profile
  • Identifying ‘targets’ and preparing specific questions
  • Essential research
  • Having a strategy
  • Psychological engagement – being positive

Advice for at the event

  • Preparing engaging responses to questions such as ‘what do you do?
  • Talking about your services – when you should and when you shouldn’t
  • Introducing people and marketing colleagues (cross selling)
  • Key questions to ask to identify potential where appropriate
  • Joining and leaving groups/individuals
  • Being calm, confident and memorable
  • Traps to avoid

The importance of follow up

  • How and when to follow up
  • Most effective ways of staying in touch and developing the relationship
  • Further Business Development – personal marketing plan

“It was fantastically well attended and I can’t recommend the session strongly enough.”

Elspeth Christie, Senior Associate, DLA Piper