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Find Your Edge For Optimum Presentation

I have often written on here about the need to prepare for an effective presentation. It is a mantra I urge every professional stepping up to the podium to adopt! However, in this blog I am going to consider the disadvantages of being too prepared. That’s an oxymoron right? Well yes, but no! I stand […]

The Secret to a Good Theresa May Speech

Theresa May is back in action at the Tory party conference this week and is probably now running through her lines as she prepares her keynote speech. The eyes of the many will be on the Prime Minister as she takes to the podium on Wednesday. If there was ever a time to pull a […]

Making a Fortune From Public Speaking

Motivational speaking is a real skill and I recommend watching some of the most popular speakers currently doing the circuit. More often than not they are not breaking ground with anything particularly new, but have the knack of being able to inspire with a fresh twist. There are always presentational lessons to be learned from […]

Small Talk Tips for Holiday Parties

Summertime and the livin’ is easy… at least according to the 25,000+ recordings that have been made of this classic George Gershwin number which he wrote in 1936. However skip forward a tad over 80 years and one wonders if the livin’ is so easy as it once was. Back then, for example, there was […]

Brexit. Give to us straight!

Social media loves the sort of meme that shows a group of photos with accompanying captions stating;  ‘What society thinks I do’, ‘What my friends think I do’ etc, ending with a self deprecating ‘What I really do.’ The Government got served with one last week, courtesy of TV hard man Danny Dyer. For any […]

Using the Head to Win Big

Have you come down with World Cup fever yet? It is an affliction that tends to afflict the non-football crowd just as much as the football crowd every four years. Inevitably there can only be one World Cup winner and from 32 nations competing, 31 will be feeling the pain at some point in the […]

Pitching to Win – New Workshop

We have just launched a new workshop, Pitching to Win, looking at how to work together as a dynamic team, engage and inspire your potential client and leave them wanting to work with you. Pitching to a client is not an exercise in saying how great you are. You need to create dialogue, demonstrate an actual experience […]