The Transformative Power of Classical Music

As one of the leading interpreters of Mahler and Beethoven, Benjamin Zander has been the lead conductor of the Boston Philharmonic since 1979 as well as an international speaker on leadership.

In this TED talk, Zander takes his audience on a transformative journey with his confidence, charisma and credibility and demonstrates almost effortlessly how to tell a story.

There are so many lessons for anyone who wants not just to ‘get through’ presentations but seeks to be the best that they can be – and then better.  Firstly, there is his total and complete belief in his message (classical music is something that absolutely everyone can relate to) – regardless of whether your message is as profound as the power of Chopin to resolve conflict or as mundane as civil service reform, if you don’t believe in it neither will your audience.

Then there is the importance of thinking about the whole phrase when you present rather than the individual words, like the ‘bird who flies over the fields and doesn’t think about the fences below.’  What is it about some presenters that just make us subconsciously either switch off or engage?  It is the way they deliver the phrases they have written as much as the phrases themselves.

Thirdly, there is what we do with our eyes and in particular how the presenter needs to read the eyes of those to whom they are presenting.  Zander describes this from his point of view as an orchestra conductor at around 18 minutes into his talk and is delightfully simple and precise.

Do join the millions who have already seen this talk – it will take twenty minutes of your time but will stay with you for much, much longer.