Becoming a Trusted Adviser

Trusted Adviser

Establishing business relationships which you believe have the potential to become mutually beneficial connections are key but what are the most effective ways of keeping these relationships alive? How do you achieve credibility alongside being technically adept and develop relationships for the long-term?

This session looks at how to develop enduring relationships by demonstrating interest in colleagues, clients and their businesses. It takes care, thought and attention but the end result is worth the effort in that ultimately you can reach the heightened status of being a trusted adviser. It is about being aware of opportunities and not being afraid to take them.

Networking and Developing Relationships

  • A quick refresher on networking issues
  • A reminder of the importance of following up
  • Thinking about helping rather than selling
  • Discussing current providers without being too pushy
  • Spotting opportunities to establish a relationship
  • Finding out what people are looking for
  • The best ways of keeping in touch

Becoming a Trusted Adviser

  • The role of a Trusted Adviser
  • Use, credibility, care
  • Becoming a Trusted Adviser