Effective Communication in English as an Additional Language

Effective Communication in English as an Additional Language

English is the language of international business and English language skills are essential for non-native speakers working across all sectors in a globalised economy. Clear communication is vital to promote understanding and achieve international business objectives.

Whether it is in the boardroom presenting ideas to companies based in the UK and USA, meeting with English speaking representatives to sell products and services in their own country or mixing socially with industry peers, the communication game can be daunting for non-native speakers.

A priority for non-English speaking business people, even those with a good grounding in the language, is to deliver key messages and make themselves clearly understood. An essential part of this is the confidence that comes with using the right language and correct expression.

The de Burgh Group’s specialised Business English course is customised to fit the needs of specific groups, with sector specific language. Focussing on presentation in English and the art of ‘small talk’ as well as areas of pronunciation, the course is run for single or multi-language based groups.

Half-day courses are conducted in small groups (6 -8 people), with an emphasis on practical skills. Constructive feedback allows participants to play to their strengths and focus on areas in which they need practice

de Burgh Group clients come from a range of industries, but are particularly popular with clients working in banking, finance and manufacturing. The course reviews a number of common language issues and gives advice on the following areas:

Effective communication in English

  • Clear oral communication skills in English
  • Practical exercises designed according to native language base
  • Individual English pronunciation issues

Presenting in English

  • Presenting your own career and company
  • Meetings
  • Interview
  • Social environments (e.g. Networking events)
  • Small talk 

Clear spoken English – clarity of pronunciation

  • Placement: where English “sits” in the mouth
  • Diction: specifically to improve clarity and avoid areas of confusion
  • Intonation: How the tune of English contributes to the meaning

“Truly excellent – very focused on topics we can use in a working environment. Changed my life!”

Vivian Edgeworth, Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFG

“Excellent presentation – very easy to follow”

Akiyoshi Maezouo, Director, Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFG

“Thank you very much – it was hard but I had a chance to ask whatever I wanted and it was very helpful.”

Sumino Kamei, Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFG