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How authentic are you?

“Would you buy a used car off this person?” That used to be a general rule of thumb when it came to the question of authenticity. It seems quite quaint now, a throwback to a more innocent time when greater stock went into reading a person’s face for signs of trustworthiness. Things are so much […]


Simple Tips to Improve Your Video Presentation

How is your on-screen persona these days? Are you a smouldering presence captivating your audience, or has your video craft regressed, leaving you stranded like an unflattering screen shot frozen mid sentence by a poor internet connection?  Here to breathe colour into those pasty February complexions and rejuvenate the Zoom fatigued are some tips to […]


The Importance of Striking the Right Tone

Do you ever stop to think about how your voice sounds? I don’t mean the instant reflex of “ugggh do I really sound like that?” when you hear yourself on a recording, but what your voice is saying about you? The human voice is one of our primary tools for creating impact. It’s something we […]


Effective Presentation? Sometimes, Less is More…

“Do you have any tips for improving slide presentations?” is a question that has come up on several occasions in recent times. Powerpoint, Prezi, Haiku Deck, Pickit… there are many presentation packages out there offering great user options but we must never forget that at the business end of every great presentation tool is the […]


Brexit. Give to us straight!

Social media loves the sort of meme that shows a group of photos with accompanying captions stating;  ‘What society thinks I do’, ‘What my friends think I do’ etc, ending with a self deprecating ‘What I really do.’ The Government got served with one last week, courtesy of TV hard man Danny Dyer. For any […]


Business Vlogging With Confidence

It’s all about video! That’s the word on the street  – or at least a line we often hear from those  signing up to our media training course who seek to launch a business vlog. They are correct of course. Social media thrives on video and this month the Godfather of it all turns 13. […]


Saying Sorry Like You Mean It

Saying sorry doesn’t come easily to most people. It’s a word that so often gets stuck in the throat of politicians and business people, and you don’t even want to ask for a lawyer’s opinion on the matter! Why don’t we like to say sorry? None of us get it right all of the time […]


Does Sport Need More Personality?

Professional sport in the Twenty First century owes almost as much to business as it does to feats of sporting prowess. These days successful sports stars are global commodities that can be traded for exorbitant fees, their marketable image just as significant as their silky skills or athletic attributes. As such the rise of the […]


How to find your natural voice

Nigel Farage has been in the headlines again. In fact, he has been on the front page thanks to his Brexit opinions and new found belief that we should have a second referendum on the topic. Perhaps the real significance of this story is that a radio show host, who no longer has anything to […]


How to Talk Yourself Down

President Obama did it quite effectively. President Reagan did it quite effectively. President Bush even did it quite effectively. President Trump doesn’t do it all. To the British it’s almost a national sport although Michael Gove should definitely give it a rest. What am I talking about? Self-deprecation – the act (and sometimes the art) […]