The Art of Small Talk in Business

In the business world, the devil is far too often in the detail. This doesn’t just extend to the practicalities of the deal, but in actually getting the deal itself. As every businessman knows, the clincher is often in the result of a connection with a peer that smoothes the act of getting the business […]

Managing Talent: From University to the Workplace

In universities across the country this month will reverberate to the sounds of a new influx of students enjoying the fun and frivolity of Fresher’s Week. For the next three years most of them will take the journey towards adulthood – littered along the way with late nights, bad food and unhealthy habits – before […]

The Importance of Eye Contact

Some people are quite happy to do it while others find it uncomfortable, and some people just don’t know when to stop. How about you? Do you do eye contact? Much has been written about the importance of the eyes when it comes to body language. Without saying a word, the eyes can convey a […]

3 Tips to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

What are you scared of? We are all scared of something. Often it’s the obvious fears that bedevil us, such as spiders, rats or… contemporary dance. However, some people have very unique fears that are the stuff of their nightmares – Omphalophobia, the fear of navels, comes to mind, as does Somniphobia, the fear of […]

Anecdotal evidence points to the effectiveness of anecdotes

I’d like to tell you a short story about failure. It centres around a young boy who struggled at school and was aged seven before he could read or write. Teachers would later say that the boy even struggled to remember his own address or telephone number (and this was in the days before the […]

Theresa May’s robust rhetoric

Stephen Fry once described it as being a bit like ice dancing – you know it’s a great move but have no idea what it’s called.  It’s the same with rhetoric – it sounds good to listen to when done well but only those with a mild obsession with these things actually know what each […]

Do the English really mean what they say?

Holiday season will soon be upon us and yet again thousands of Brits will find themselves trying to remember smatterings of school language lessons in order to converse with the locals. Many will return home vowing to take up a foreign language, but those vows are likely to disappear once the memory of the holiday […]

Standing up for democracy

There is no doubt that Boris Johnson is a man in continual search of an even bigger platform and last night at Wembley was certainly that. A stage more used to the likes of Black Sabbath and Beyonce witnessed the rather grandly self-styled BBC ‘Great Debate’. Regardless of personal politics, regardless of ‘Brexit’ or ‘Bremain’, regardless of opinion […]

How politicians perform in the EU Referendum

EU Referendum: Too Many Answers? In or out? That is the question of the day as the referendum on Europe approaches. Gauging the response of the general public one could argue that both sides are suffering from having too many answers at the moment. Too many answers do not help to build a confident case, […]

As TV presenters prepare for Euro 2016 …

It’s that time again. For the next month or so, football fans across Europe will be glued to their television sets as they follow their national team’s progress through the Euro Championships taking place in France. Along with the ebbs and flows and highs and lows that come with watching your home team slug it […]