Confessions of a Videographer

Once upon a time, the screen was a place populated by professional actors and presenters and video came wrapped in a veil of popular awe and fascination. Of course those days are long gone and now the power of video has become accessible to all, not to mention a vital tool in the box of […]

How to do (and not do) an Oscar Speech

The season of award giving is upon us once again with the razzle dazzle of the red carpet set to bring a splash of colour to the dreariness of February. With the Golden Globes done and dusted, this month we have the BAFTAs and the Oscars to look forward to. Hot favourites this year are […]

The Commuters Comfort Zone

January has not been a good month for thousands of commuters. With strikes by London Underground staff paralysing inner city travelling in the capital and rail strikes on networks in the south and north of the country, rail passengers have had much to be glum about. Adding insult to injury even the sky commute has […]

Resolution: Be a More Effective Presenter in 2017

Going back to work after the Christmas break is a struggle we all know very well. The short days make it seem as though we are rousing from our slumber in the middle of the night, the daily commute is haunted by pasty faces and the sounds of winter coughs and sniffles and we are […]

What do you want for Christmas this year?

Here at the de Burgh Group we are closing the appointments diary for the year and preparing to take a break for the Christmas period. It is time to relax a little with our families after a very busy year and I for one am looking forward to slipping into a Yuletide routine which will […]

Surviving the Office Christmas Party (with your reputation intact)

It may feel as though Christmas has been in full swing since before Donald Trump was voted in as the next President of the United States (purely coincidence I am assured…), but now we have actually reached the month of December it is time for the festive season to begin in earnest. So, as the […]

Networking on a Plane

Over the past two months I have been a guest speaker at events in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe and spent quite a few hours sitting on planes in the process of getting from one to the other. I always board a flight with the best intentions of using my time to […]

What ‘The Apprentice’ can teach us NOT to do in business

Clueless recruits fluffing their tasks and vying for the attention of the boss, unscripted snipes and asides, fireworks in the boardroom and car crash TV appeal to the masses…. No, it’s not the Brexit process we’re talking about, but season 12 of The Apprentice (UK). The Apprentice is a BBC staple for the Autumn season, […]

What can Donald Trump teach us about Speechmaking?

Halloween is just around the corner… which means that the 2016 US presidential election is a little bit further round the corner than that. On Tuesday, November 8th, the USA goes to the polls and the prospect of Donald Trump becoming officially the most powerful man in the world is something of a Halloween nightmare […]

Telephone Etiquette in a Smart Phone Age

Once upon a time we were shown a vision of the future in popular culture that featured amazing gadgetry which would revolutionize the way we communicated. The visionaries portrayed a world where the wrist watch would be transformed into the ultimate tool of modern life. Of course, this did not come to pass (although Apple […]