Whistle blows on Party Conference season

It’s that time of year when the leaves start to fall, the geese head south and political parties decamp to a conference centre near you for a few days of back slapping with the party faithful. Along the way, the big guns will roll out the ideological road maps, while the smaller guns will hope […]

Ghost at the Feast gets Busted

In the past week Tony Blair has grabbed a snatch of headlines for returning to the political fray with his plan to control immigration and still keep the UK in Europe. But if he was expecting a chorus of trumpets and a rallying cry of “huzzah!” from the anti-Brexiteers, he didn’t get it. The expression […]

Hurricane Mogg Looming on the PM’s Horizon?

I think we all breathed a bit of a sigh of relief at the arrival of the summer recess. After the relentless churn of the UK political seas in the eye of the General Election storm, the domestic doldrums of August were reassuringly calm… Well, Summer’s over and, as MPs return to Parliament this week, […]

Summer Holidays are over…Time for a Holiday?

August Bank Holiday officially brought the UK summer holiday season of 2017 to a close and phew what a scorcher it was! Did you get away on vacation or just hang around on a staycation? Whatever you did, chances are that this week has a touch of the ‘back to school’ feeling about it. Hopefully […]

Bad News is Good News on Planet Trump

Love Island may have finished, as has the drama of the British Parliament, but just when we were all looking forward to the uneventful dog days of summer, it’s all kicking off on the other side of the Atlantic… It’s almost as if Donald Trump and his strategists (although in reality, this could just mean […]

Getting Away From It All?

It is that time of year when the summer holiday mass migration begins as we seek an escape from the daily grind. Admittedly the initial euphoria of brushing down the trusty fedora and slipping into those ‘summer shoes’ is often dashed on the rocky reality of queues, crowds and a wallet that appears to be […]

Plumber needed at No 10?

Are you an office gossip? Do you like to swap titillating tales about your colleagues around the water cooler, at lunch or down the pub? If so you are not alone. In fact, a study by academics in Holland suggests that a whopping 90% of office conversation comprises of gossip in some form. That said, […]

Is age just a political number?

You know you’re getting older when those expressions you heard from your grandparents start to ring true and “A new broom sweeps clean, but an old broom knows the corners,” is just such a phrase. It wasn’t so long ago that the new brooms were sweeping over the political stage, but the old brooms are […]

Donald on His Way? Tips for Mrs May

You know how it is… You’re only just starting to get on top of things when out of the blue comes a message to say that an old colleague is in town and would like to get together. On most occasions you would say ‘great’ and life carries on as normal, but every now and […]

The cult of Boris

When is a car crash interview not a car crash interview? Well that, it would seem, depends on who you are. Boris Johnson’s calamitous interview on the Queen’s Speech with Eddie (‘the bear trap’) Mair last week had all the hall marks of a major horror show, but he appeared to get off lightly in […]